An Ode to Iced Treats

Read this sentence: I love ice cream.*

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You just thought, ‘Hey! I love ice cream too!’ You are wrong. I love ice cream in a way you just can’t fathom.

Here is a true fact about me: my professional resume lists ‘ice cream connoisseur’ as one of my skills and interests. I have actually applied to jobs with that. Do you love ice cream that much? I didn’t think so.

So when I say I love ice cream, I am serious. It is a serious business, loving ice cream. You can’t be a fair weather ice cream lover, and I mean that literally. People who only want to eat ice cream during the summer are jerks. You can’t just abandon something because it’s cold outside! (Unless, of course, that thing is your car and you are stuck on the highway going in or out of Atlanta while it snows, however lightly. In that case, you are encouraged to abandon something because it’s cold outside.) Plus, if you give it a try, I believe you’ll find that there’s nothing more delightful than a frozen treat when the world is frozen outside. Don’t doubt me—just do it.

None of which to say that I don’t enjoy ice cream in the warmer months. While I am suspicious of anyone who refuses ice cream in the winter, I understand the inclination to conceive of ice cream as a summertime treat. Aside from the obvious (it’s hot out, ice cream is cold, blah blah blah), there’s something quintessential about ice cream in warm weather. Something that brings you back to childhood, when your dad would buy you a Tweety-bird popsicle from the ice cream truck. It wasn’t even good ice cream, but it was such a treat. You didn’t even really care when it fell on the ground—sure, you may have stared at it in dismay for a moment, but when Dad picked it up, blew on it (completely ineffectually, by the way), and handed it back to you, you ate it. Obviously.

Slightly worrying parental anecdotes aside, I do truly believe that ice cream is a connection to the past. It unlocks a pure, unmitigated joy. It’s such an indulgent, yet simple treat. There are no strings attached to ice cream—it’s straightforward, asking only that you enjoy it. Which I do.

So happy spring, and happy iced treats week on the Woblet blog. Now that you know how serious it is, we can move forward to the serious journalism you’re used to finding here. So tomorrow we’ll discuss gelato making (a very serious business).

Honeysuckle Gelato cone

*Note: “Ice cream” is used throughout as a less-awkward stand-in for “all iced treats”, because I do truly love them all. Never ask me to choose just one.

Featured image from Foxtrot comic by Bill Amend. Click here for a larger image of the comic.

From the Woblet Blog, March 25, 2014. Read it at Woblet.


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