Taste Test: Frozen Custard in the South

Answer this question: Where can we find the best frozen custard?

Do you have an answer yet? Is it in Atlanta? I’m willing to bet it’s not. Our fair city, while famous for many things, is not exactly known for its frozen custard. But maybe we should be.

Husband and wife team Kelly and Malik Wilder started running the Vintage Frozen Custard truck two years ago, serving up old-fashioned, seriously legit custard. This Saturday, they’re opening the first brick-and-mortar incarnation of their food truck. The walk-up shop in the Westside will serve basically the same things Atlantans have come to love from the food truck–a few basic flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and a wild card daily flavor) with a variety of topping options, including homemade fruit compotes. They’ll still offer their version of the ice cream float–custard floating in Izze fruit sodas–but there’s a new addition, too: Concrete, a custom treat of custard blended with toppings.

We stopped by the new store to get a first look at the digs, watch how they make their custard, and (of course) taste it.

Vintage Frozen Custard new storefront

Vintage Frozen Custard’s new storefront

The menu

The menu

Making frozen custard

Malik Wilder puts chocolate custard base into the machine to spin

Making frozen custard

“It’s not ready–you’ll know when it’s ready.”

Custard being made.

Me: “It’s ready!”
Malik: “Not yet.”

Making frozen custard

“Now it’s ready.”

Frozen custard is very thick

We tried both the chocolate and vanilla custard. The chocolate, as you can see, was fresh out of the machine and suuuper thick. (Yes, those extra vowels were necessary. See the above picture for explanation.) It was the tiniest bit salty, which was basically perfection. The vanilla was just as luxuriously rich, but it lacked the pinch of salt that made the chocolate so outstanding.

There’s a possibility that I’m a frozen custard convert, but I’ll probably go back to check at Saturday’s grand opening. They’ll be offering single scoops for $1 all day, so you have no excuse not to go. FROZEN CUSTARD FOR A DOLLAR, Y’ALL. It’s serious.

Scooping custard


Yes, please.

From the Woblet blog, February 28, 2014. Read it at Woblet.


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